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Christian Today - Christian News, Updated daily
Name : Christian Today
URL : http://www.christiantoday.com/rss/feed.xml?category=church

The Archbishop of Canterbury says Anglicans must "seek with passion the visible unity of the Church".
With refreshing clarity and humble authority, the Global South Fellowship of Anglicans set down a very different vision for the Anglican Communion than that which has been put forward from the platform at the Lambeth Conference.
The Archbishop of Canterbury has pleaded with bishops meeting in Canterbury not to "treat each other lightly or carelessly" because of their disagreements over human sexuality.
Lambeth Conference organisers have abandoned an electronic voting system for a series of 'Calls' on topical issues.
Speaking to journalists on a return flight from Canada, Pope Francis said he should slow down on his international travel and possibly consider retiring, but only if he discerns that it's God's will.
The Archbishop of Canterbury has reportedly offered to write a letter affirming Lambeth 1.10 as the official stance of the Anglican Communion on human sexuality.
The Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrell, has tried to bridge the deep divisions at the Lambeth Conference over sexual morality by calling on Anglican Communion bishops to show unity for the sake of evangelism.
The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has told the Lambeth Conference of Anglican bishops that their disagreements over "human identity and sexuality" will "not be solved at this conference".
The Archbishop of Canterbury is to meet Global South bishops on Saturday after they announced they would be tabling their own resolution affirming Lambeth 1.10.
The organisers of the Lambeth Conference have dropped sections of a draft 'Call' that sought to uphold marriage as a union between a man and a woman, and reject homosexual practice as incompatible with Scripture.
Changes are being made to a draft 'Call' at the Lambeth Conference that seeks to reaffirm a traditional interpretation of marriage and sexuality.
As Anglican bishops from around the world gather for the 2022 Lambeth Conference in Canterbury, Kent, UK, this week, Rev Peter Crumpler recalls his part in the last Conference, back in 2008.
The Archbishop of Canterbury says he plans to stay in post until he reaches the retirement age of 70.
After financial scandals, Vatican investments will be aimed at creating 'a more just and sustainable world.'
Many provided cool sanctuaries during the recent record-breaking temperatures – but they have the potential to play a much more strategic community role.
A former Head of Operations at the Anglican Diocese of London has been charged with fraud and money laundering over the alleged disappearance of more than $5.9 million (ВЈ5 million) from the organization between 2009 and 2019.
The Vatican's unofficial representative in Hong Kong had warned Catholic missions in the city that tough days are ahead for them as China is increasingly restricting religious freedom.
In a new wide-ranging interview, Pope Francis said it never occurred to him to resign so far but laid out his vision for a possible retirement.
Christian Today speaks to Owen Morgan, part of the Church of England's Vision & Strategy team, to find out more about a new resource to support church leaders in evangelism.
Only 20% say the Bible is the literal word of God, which is a historic low according to Gallup.
На фотозаставке сайта вверху последняя резиденция митрополита Виталия (1910 – 2006) Спасо-Преображенский скит — мужской скит и духовно-административный центр РПЦЗ, расположенный в трёх милях от деревни Мансонвилль, провинция Квебек, Канада, близ границы с США.

Название сайта «Меч и Трость» благословлено последним первоиерархом РПЦЗ митрополитом Виталием>>> см. через эту ссылку.

ПОЧТА РЕДАКЦИИ от июля 2017 года: me4itrost@gmail.com Старые адреса взломаны, не действуют.